For The Most Part .......... I'm RETIRED!!!
There's nothing here and nobody's home. Whatever was here before was stolen so go away!

I said Go Away! ..... if you're STILL reading this you're just wasting my time and yours!

Anyway, COMING SOON ....... New Songs, New Free mp3, mp4 & .wav loops. And as usual, if you want to use my guitar instrumentals, bass or percussion fills for performance stuff ... as in makin bacon! ... ask first or I'll send my lawyer to see you on one of his constipated days!

For the commercial crap I've put out as with software requests, you know where and how to find me, if not ...... Please begin reading again.

Where's Waldo? I'll be looking for the little rascal at the 20th. Annual Falcon Ridge Folk Festival , July 24-27

And while there, catch the greatest band since rubber, Gandalf Murphy And The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams:

Friday July 25 on the Workshop Stage @ 5:00 PM
Saturday July 26 on the Dance Stage @ 10:30 PM
Sunday July 27 on the Main Stage @ 2:10 PM